What Kind of Resources Does Raz-Kids Offer?

Raz-Kids has e-books available for children to practice reading, assessments, writing resources and ready tests to diagnose any issues and monitor improvement as the child uses the site. Raz-Kids is a website dedicated to fostering reading skills at the kindergarten through fifth grade levels.

Raz-Kids is an interactive platform that is also available as an app for tablets and other mobile devices, so children can practice their reading outside of school. As the child moves through the program, the parents and teachers can view reports that show their children's progress, areas of improvement and any other issues that still need attention.

The e-books include quizzes that allow children to test their comprehension skills in addition to fluency, and some books are available in Spanish for children who are bilingual or who are learning English as a second language. The materials also expose children to other forms of text, including poetry and nursery rhymes.

Raz-Kids' books use progressive levels to challenge readers with new vocabulary and more complex sentence structure to improve their reading skills. The program is also designed to be child-friendly and easy to use, so that early readers can navigate it by themselves and take responsibility for their learning.