What Kind of Questions Are on the Online HAZMAT Test?


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An online test for a HAZMAT endorsement to a commercial driver's license may include multiple choice questions about the dangers of poisonous gas, appropriate labeling of packages and interpretation of warning label information. The test may also require answers to questions about calculations regarding weight and volume of different hazards such as radioactive materials and identification of materials that can be hauled together in the same container.

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HAZMAT endorsement, an addition to a commercial driver's license, means that the licensed commercial driver has content knowledge in the area of managing and transporting hazardous materials. All states license their commercial drivers only after the driver passes both written and skills tests. The HAZMAT endorsement to this license requires the completion of this knowledge test as a part of the endorsement process.

Questions on the HAZMAT endorsement test include may items about where to display a permit and the process for obtaining special approvals for driving different routes. However, because each state licenses commercial drivers and manages HAZMAT endorsements differently according to standards set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, some policy and process information may differ by state. Because of this difference, drivers seeking endorsement should check with their state for complete information about HAZMAT endorsement.

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