What Kind of Job Opportunities Are There in the Healthcare Field?


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There are an extremely large number of job opportunities in the healthcare field. The healthcare industry is always expanding, so job availability and security are both very high. Additionally, many types of different careers fall under the healthcare umbrella, including direct providers, support personnel and even scientists and engineers.

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Traditional healthcare jobs, such as those filled by doctors and nurses, continue to experience strong job growth. However, newer types of healthcare careers are also becoming important. These include professionals such as nurse practitioners and physicians' assistants, who are more highly skilled than practical or registered nurses, while still working under the supervision of a medical doctor.

Medical support professionals include lab technicians, medical coders and phlebotomists. Lab technicians perform tests on medical samples. Medical coders are professionals who make sense of the sometimes confusing system insurance companies use to classify different illnesses, procedures, medications and treatments. Phlebotomists specialize in drawing blood from patients.

Laboratory science is also a vital area of the healthcare field. Pathologists study diseases in an attempt to find new ways of combating illness. Medicinal chemists develop new drugs to fight existing illnesses or improve upon existing medications. Biomedical engineers are highly educated and skilled professionals who develop novel medical devices as well as new treatment strategies, improving quality of life for patients.

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