What Kind of Information Can Students Access Through the Broward Enterprise Education Portal?


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The Broward Enterprise Education Portal offers students access to homework help, online tools and activities, career planning and counseling, educational podcasts and FCAT information. The portal includes eight digital doorways for students, each with access to different types of information.

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Doorway one brings students to the FCAT Explorer. This free resource offers students practice math and reading exercises to prepare for the skills test.

Doorway two is the research and homework help area and requires log-in information. Students find grade-specific curriculum information in this section of BEEP. This area provides access to textbooks, database and e-books relevant to academic areas.

The third doorway provides information literacy resources for students, including copyrights, computer ethics, electronic citations and searching online. Doorway four also relates to the digital world with software tools designed to enhance learning. The section provides information on various software tools and offers tutorials.

Doorway five is the virtual counselor tool. Once logged in, the student sees information on grades, absences and test scores. Parents and school staff also have access to this tool.

The sixth doorway offers various online activities, including links to educational websites. Doorway six offers podcasts on character education, language arts, health, math, science and social studies. Some teachers also have their own podcasts in this area.

The final digital doorway offers career planning and workforce development information for students. This section includes various career and education planning tools.

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