What Kind of History Lessons Are Taught in Elementary School?


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The history lessons taught in elementary school teach kids about their country's history and past events that shaped current affairs. Children are taught about the various movements and events that occurred, how they influenced the world and how they positively or negatively influenced world order.

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The history lessons taught in elementary school educate kids on the gradual growth of the nation, one century to the next. The curriculum covers growth in the industrial sector, including; improvements on the mode of transport, growth of the steel industry, oil sector and the invention of electricity, among other major industries that saw the country’s economy grow.

Children are also taught about the origin of governance and the various wars, revolutions and events that brought about democracy. The history lessons cover the causes, effects and results of events such as; the World War I and II, Spanish-American war, Vietnam war, Korean war and other revolutions that proved and reinstated the country’s dominance.

The lessons also cover social issues in the society, like how various cultures came to exist in America, conflicts between the cultures and how such differences were resolved. They include topics on immigration, slavery, capitalist versus communist cultures, and the various civil rights movements. These lessons aim to teach children of their heritage and to help them appreciate the struggles of the past generation in giving them the freedom they enjoy today.

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