What Kind of Games Can You Use to Teach Multiplication to Children?


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Some games that can help teach multiplication to children include Multiplication Bingo and Times Table Football. These games, from Multiplication.com, are designed to be played with a group but can be modified to work for a single child.

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Multiplication Bingo is similar to standard Bingo. Multiplication problems are read aloud while players mark the corresponding answers on their cards. The first person to fill a row with correct answers wins.

In Times Table Football, someone draws a football field with yard lines and end zones on a chalkboard, white board or large sheet of paper. An overhead projector can also be used. A variety of football plays are written out on flash cards or paper scraps. After dividing into two teams, children take turns solving multiplication problems. When someone answers correctly, their team completes one of the plays. If the answer is wrong, the question goes to the other team for a chance to complete a play and advance down the "field."

Kids can also play a modified version of the card game War to practice multiplication. Two students face each other and draw two cards from a stack. The one whose card values have the largest product wins the round.

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