What Kind of Educational Materials Does Jefferson Lab Offer?


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Jefferson Lab offers educational material in the form of brochures, fact sheets and resources for teachers and students. Access to more scholarly material, such as published papers, talks and theses, is available through the lab's online JLab portal.

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Jefferson Lab is a scientific establishment that specializes in the study of the atom's nucleus using a particle accelerator called the Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility. Because of this focus, much of the educational material that the lab provides is related to physics and chemistry.

Brochures and fact sheets available from Jefferson Lab cover topics such as science education, medical imaging and nuclear imaging. The lab also has a page of teacher resources that provides a variety of online educational material for science teachers, including reference materials, hands-on activities and puzzles and games. The student zone contains similar materials that has been designed for student use. Examples include a table of elements, a glossary of science terms and a game called "Scrambled Science Words."

For those wanting access to more scholarly material, including journals and theses, Jefferson Lab offers the JLab portal as a resource for more in-depth study and research. This portal requires a special account in order to access the materials.

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