What Do Kids Learn in Grade 2 Social Studies Class?

Common topics in second grade social studies include communities, government basics, geography, citizenship and history. The curriculum expands on previous topics to give second graders a greater understanding of the world in general.

In second grade, students still learn about different type of communities and how they relate. The curriculum may include the history of the local community or the community's role within the state, country and world. Students learn about cultural differences within the community and within the world, including how different groups and cultures contribute.

Citizenship topics for second grade social studies include civic duties and good citizenship. Students learn this topic by exploring citizenship with the school community. The citizenship component connects with introductory government topics. Second graders learn what the government does and how laws are made.

Geography in second grade helps the students expand their knowledge of the world. Students explore the globe to learn about hemispheres and the equator. They learn to identify major land forms such as mountains and rivers, particularly those in North America. Second graders also explore how different land forms and climates affect life.

History topics for second grade often relate to the local community or the state. Students learn about historical figures, historical events and changes in life throughout history.