How Do You Help Kids Learn About Adjectives?


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Playing games is a fun and engaging way to help kids learn about adjectives, and examples of games include "Human Adjective Bingo," "Adjective Elimination" and "Jobs Superlatives." All of these games are simple and easy to organize.

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To play "Human Adjective Bingo," have students cut out pictures of people from old magazines and glue each picture to a blank space on their bingo boards. Call out different adjectives, and if students have a picture on their board that matches the adjective, have them cover the square. The class must agree that someone's pictures match the given adjectives for that person to win.

For "Adjective Elimination," divide students into two teams. Have one representative from each team come to the front, and show them a picture. They have one minute to write as many adjectives as they can to describe the picture. Reveal the lists when they are done. Cross out any words that both people wrote. Award students points for unique words they wrote, and take away points for unique words that their opponent wrote.

To play "Jobs Superlative," divide students into small groups, and have them brainstorm as many different jobs as they can and write them down. When they finish, have them swap papers with another group. Prepare some questions, such as "Which job is the most dangerous?" "Which job has the highest salary?" or "Which job is the most boring?" After the students have finished answering the questions, discuss them together.

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