What Is Kids InfoBits Used For?


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Commonly offered through public libraries, Kids InfoBits is an online educational database where kids can research information on various subjects to help them with homework assignments. The subjects available on the database include animals, sports, arts and entertainment, literature, social studies, plants, geography, science, math, technology, health, inventions, transportation and people.

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Kids InfoBits is a Cengage Learning product that offers newspapers, images, magazines and books. Some of the images include graphs, country flags, maps and charts. A dictionary is also available for kids to look up unfamiliar words. Material is available at both easy and more difficult reading levels, and icons on search results indicate the reading level required. Furthermore, there's an option that lets kids listen to materials being read to them, and kids can also download the audio as a file. Both basic and advanced search tools are available.

In addition to Kids InfoBits, some other helpful educational websites for kids include Web Feet, World Book Encyclopedia Kids and National Geographic Kids. Web Feet features a collection of websites on various subjects, while World Book Encyclopedia Kids offers encyclopedia articles in both English and Spanish, along with some special additional content. National Geographic Kids includes magazine articles, books and multimedia content.

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