What Are Some Kid-Friendly Facts About Albert Einstein?

Albert Einstein loved to sail and learned how while attending college in Switzerland. Einstein was forced by his mother to play the violin, but he grew to love playing when he heard the music of Mozart when he was 13 years old.

When Albert Einstein was only 5, his father showed him a simple compass, which fascinated the little boy. This fascination stayed with Einstein throughout his life and was the beginning of his passion for science. In 1926, Einstein patented a refrigerator that ran on alcohol gas. The technology of the day had not caught up to the idea yet, however, so the refrigerator never went into production. Einstein was also known for having a disheveled look, with uncombed hair and odd clothing choices, including his habit of never wearing socks.

In 1952, the Zionist president of Israel, Chaim Weizmann, passed away and Einstein was asked to accept the presidency soon after. Einstein was 73 at the time, and he declined, claiming he was too old and did not have the ability to deal with people properly. After Einstein died, his brain was removed by pathologist Thomas Harvey, who refused to give it up and was subsequently fired from his position at Princeton Hospital. Harvey kept the brain until 1998, when he returned it to Princeton Hospital.