What Are Some Keyboard Games That Encourage Kids in Learning How to Type?

What Are Some Keyboard Games That Encourage Kids in Learning How to Type?

Typing Adventure, Vocabulary Spelling City and Numpad Game are three games that help kids learn to type. The games also help students in other educational areas.

Typing used to be a skill that only adults needed, but as our lives become increasingly dependent on technology, learning to type seems as important as learning math and the alphabet. To make learning to type more entertaining, there are several typing games children can use to help them master the skill set.

Typing Adventure, which can be found on the Learning Games for Kids website, helps students learn the basics of touch typing. It starts with the home row keys and then branches out to the other keys under the guise of leading a young adventurer to a treasure chest.

For students whose typing skills are a bit more advanced, the website SpellingCity offers several games that combine spelling, vocabulary and typing into one learning experience. Students learn to spell states and colors, and identify parts of speech while honing their typing skills.

There are also games that help students learn to use a keyboard's numeric keypad. The Numpad game on TypingTest.com teaches students how to use the keypad by using a game that is similar to Whack-a-Mole. When the jester pops up, students have to press the corresponding key on the numeric keypad.