What Are Some of the Key Resources That ReadWriteThink Offers Free of Charge?

What Are Some of the Key Resources That ReadWriteThink Offers Free of Charge?

Some of the key resources offered by ReadWriteThink free of charge include lesson plans, mobile applications and learning printouts. ReadWriteThink also offers a variety of calendar activity resources as well as student interactive resources for free.

The resources provided by ReadWriteThink free of charge are categorized according to grade level and resource type. The resources available range from the kindergarten level to grade 12. ReadWriteThink classifies resources as either classroom resources or parent and afterschool resources.

ReadWriteThink offers hundreds of lesson plans for different subjects and topics. Teachers can search for lesson plans by grade, subject or unit and then download or print them. The lesson plans also link to other free resources available on the website.

Under the student interactive resources on ReadWriteThink, teachers can access interactive tools for use in the classroom. Example include the comic creator, book cover creator, circle plot diagram, Venn diagram and the animal inquiry tool among others. ReadWriteThink also offers teachers and students an opportunity download mobile applications that cover specific topics. Available applications include Timeline, Haiku Poem, Diamante Poem, Acrostic Poems and Trading Cards.

Parents can download resources such as games, printouts and podcasts from the ReadWriteThink website free of charge. The resources available for parents also include tips and tricks on how to enhance the learning process at home.