What Are Some Key Points to Include in a Personal Accomplishment Report?

What Are Some Key Points to Include in a Personal Accomplishment Report?

A personal accomplishment report should contain accomplishments relating to your jobs, school, hobbies/activities, sports/physical activities, volunteering, family, and personal development. Each accomplishment should be written with an action, topic, impact, key metric and benefit, usually in that order.

An accomplishment is anything that you enjoy doing, perform well, gain satisfaction from or are proud of. Each written action should begin with an action verb that suggests movement, ownership or leadership and acts on the topic of the accomplishment. The impact clearly states the positive change your action created as measured by a key metric, the measurement for the impact and the tangible benefit.

For example, an accomplishment for a person who works in a product-based company can be “Initiated a new product launch process that reduced time to market by 75%.” The action is “initiated." The topic is “new product launch process." The impact is “reduced." The key metric is “time to market." The benefit is “75%."

When writing a personal accomplishment report, assuming you have work experience, include at least 30 experiences that you consider accomplishments, 15 of which are work-related for current or past jobs.

Determine your top accomplishments. This can be determined by which accomplishments have the greatest impact on your life, reveal the most skills or have the greatest value whether it is personal, monetary, etc. Then write about 200 words on each of those top accomplishments using the S.H.A.R.E. model: situation, hindrances, actions, results, evaluation. Lastly, describe your role and results and quantify your accomplishment if possible.