What Are Some Key Aspects of a Sample Verification Letter?


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Some key aspects of a sample verification letter include an employee's place of work, date of hire, payment information and a summarization of job duties. The letter should also provide the employer's full name and job title, along with professional contact information for any future communication with the intended recipient.

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Employees may request employment verification letters from their employers when seeking to buy property from a financial institution. These letters are often brief and serve as statements of confirmation that an employee has worked at a specific company throughout an established length of time. They many verify the term of employment in short sentences or be composed in bullet point format to elaborate upon the details of the position.

Because a verification letter can determine an employee's credibility, employers may customize the document to encourage professional correspondence. The letter should be formatted beginning with the current date in the upper left-hand corner, followed by the address of the individual requesting the verification information. The body of the letter should confirm the employee's work status and position at the company in the opening sentence, then offer salary details along with the number of hours worked per week. Additional aspects provided in the body paragraph include the employee's date of hire, list of duties and standing within the company. The employer may conclude the letter with an offer of future correspondence and a handwritten signature at the end.

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