What Are Some Facts About the Kansas City Missouri School District?

What Are Some Facts About the Kansas City Missouri School District?

The Kansas City public school district encompasses preschools, elementary schools, high schools and special-education institutions within the region of Kansas City, Missouri. Schools include the Foreign Language Academy, Border Star Montessori, Holliday Montessori, Southwest Early College Campus and African Centered College Preparatory Academy.

The Kansas City School District started in 1867 and, in its early years, served a student population of 2,150. As of 2015, that number is more than 16,000, with at least 2,000 teachers and administrators. The student population includes a diverse mixture of different ethnicities.

The Office of Board Services helps provide governance of the district, and it includes the Secretary of the Board of Directors, sub-district heads and members at-large. There is also the district Superintendent, whose board includes a Chief Academic and Accountability Officer, Chief Communications and

Community Engagement Officer, Executive Director of Technology, Executive Director of Student Intervention Programs and Executive Director of Student Support and Community Services.

In addition to academic programs, the district also enacts programs that target discrimination and other behaviors. There are several athletics programs, and the district website has a calendar of district sporting events. The district also oversees school meal items and safety regulations. Parents can read about school enrollment on the district's website.