How Does the K12 Program Work?


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K12 offers an individualized, one-on-one approach for teaching students both on and off its online platform, reports K12. A K12 education consists of online lessons using K12 material, directed by a learning coach, usually a parent, and assisted by a state-certified teacher.

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How Does the K12 Program Work?
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The school teaches through traditional and online materials, including both textbooks and interactive online lessons, states K12. Rather than take a one-size-fits-all approach as many pubic schools do, K12 develops a personalized plan of education specific to each student. This helps tailor an education to a student's needs, ensuring that students are able to progress though material at their own pace. In the K12 program, education is helped by a learning coach who leads lessons and ensures that students stay focused. The learning coach is assisted by a K12-trained teacher, who develops an education plan for the student. In the high school program, students have a separate teacher in each subject area. For K-6 education, a parent can expect to spend approximately three to five hours daily coaching his child. This commitment decreases as students become more independent by middle and high school. The typical workload for a student is five or six hours a day, which K12 claims to be optimal.

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