What Is K12 Curriculum?

The K12 curriculum is designed for kindergarten through 12th grade and uses a variety of multimedia to map out learning objectives and the best methods to complete them. Schools that use the K12 program include K12 International Academy, The Keystone School and The George Washington University Online High School, as of 2015. The K12 curriculum also offers courses for direct purchase for families who homeschool their children.

The curriculum provided by K12 uses animation, illustration, activities, games, graphs and video to create an interactive learning environment. Students who use the K12 system can complete coursework completely online through virtual classroom environments, such as Blackboard, or through a hybrid system that includes classroom work with other students.

The kindergarten through eighth grade curriculum focuses on the core subjects, including language arts, history, math, science, world languages, art and music. Most lessons are conducted offline with a learning coach, typically a parent. The learning coach grades assignments and students must receive at least 80 percent before they can move on to the next objective, as of 2015.

The high school curriculum expands the available courses to include the core subjects plus Advanced Placement, Honors, Credit Recovery and remedial elective courses. High school students conduct most of the work online and have more access to teachers through email and phone. The teachers grade all assignments and tests.