How Does Johnnie's Math Page Compare to Other Elementary Level Math Websites?

How Does Johnnie's Math Page Compare to Other Elementary Level Math Websites?

Johnnie's Math Page games are links that redirect students and teachers to math games outside of Johnnie's Math Page. This differs from Math-Play and Math Playground, where all of the games keep learners within each site. All three sites offer game search by math category.

Johnnie's Math Page includes physics, numbers, puzzles and Sim type math games. Math-Play games are listed by topics, such as addition, subtraction and multiplication. Math Playground games are listed either by type, such as math, logic, arcade and word problems, or by topic, including addition, multiplication, fractions and money.

Johnnie's Math Page does not group games by grade level; however, all games target kindergarten through middle school levels, with a designated page for middle school learners. Math-Play lists games by grade level. Math Playground identifies grade levels through the Common Core category. Once on a selected game, Math Playground also identifies what grade or level the game supports. Math-Play also includes resources for middle school levels, while Math Playground offers only elementary school level resources.

Johnnie's Math Page also includes links to math worksheets, as does Math-Play. Math Playground does not have worksheets. In addition, Johnnie's Math Page has a directory of free resources for parents and teachers, including lesson plans, children's books and graph paper generators.

Johnnie's Math Page was selected as a Great Website for Kids by the American Library Association. Math Playground is kidSAFE+ Children's Online Privacy Act Certified.