What Are John Leary's Prophecies?


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John Leary has prophesied famine, a comet called ISON traveling close to the earth and sun, and that the antichrist is an Arab religious man. He also stated that the antichrist was living in England and was going to travel to Egypt.

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Leary said that ISON would pass by Earth and the sun around the end of 2013 or the beginning of 2014. He also said it was a warning for humanity, and that it would come back and hit the Earth.

During 1999, Leary prophesied that the Pope after John Paul II would be the antipope, known in the Book of Revelations as the beast. Pope John Paul II was to go into exile. The antipope was to assist the antichrist and the United Nations with putting computer chips in people's brains, allowing the antichrist to rule the world.

The antichrist's powers, according to Leary, include the ability to hypnotize people into worshipping him. Leary says that after the warning, Jesus instructs his followers to discard items that could transmit the antichrist's image or voice, such as televisions and computer monitors. Leary stated that Jesus would cause an earthquake to shake the earth off its axis during the time of tribulation. He also says Christians would have a cross on their head to identify each other during the end times.

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