What Jobs Require a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology?


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A bachelor's degree in sociology helps prepare students for careers in administration, corrections, counseling, youth services and senior services. Other job sectors sociology graduates may enter into include education, politics, public relations and research.

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A sociology degree provides graduates with the societal awareness necessary to occupy administrative positions in public and government agencies. In those roles, they participate in creating policies concerning populations in need of social services. Individuals with a background in sociology are also an asset to the corrections industry because they can use their expertise on the prison population to assist officials in developing prison programs and regulations. Sociological knowledge is useful in counseling positions because it helps the counselor understand the unique societal factors that shape the lives of patients from different socioeconomic backgrounds.

Employers may seek out individuals with sociology degrees for positions that involve working with youth populations due to their knowledge of how different policies and parenting styles impact the behavior and lives of minors. Similarly, sociologists are especially equipped to inform about decisions about programs and policies that affect the senior citizen population.

Studying sociology provides an opportunity for students to develop their interpersonal, critical thinking, oral presentation, grant-writing and research skills. Sociology students also learn ways to identify overall patterns and trends and how to present their thoughts in concise reports or essays. Each of these skills is valuable throughout the job market.

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