What Jobs Can You Get With a Bachelors in Psychology?


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With a bachelor's degree in psychology, an individual can obtain employment as a therapist specializing in family, child or addiction therapy, or as a rehabilitation specialist, social worker, psychiatrist technician or case manager. Additionally, individuals with a psychology degree are also employable in the criminal-justice, marketing, business, insurance, real-estate, sales and human-resources fields due to their training in understanding human interactions, brain functions and problem solving.

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Although students must obtain a graduate degree to become a psychologist, it is possible to gain employment at a psychologist's practice as an assistant, technician, therapist or administrator with a bachelor's degree. In addition, employment within the engineering, forensics, child-care and industrial-organization industries are possible for individuals with a bachelor's degree in psychology. When working in business sectors outside of therapy practices, a background in psychology and a bachelor's degree in the discipline prepares individuals to utilize skills learned in the classroom, such as critical thinking, knowledge of organizational and group behavior, creative thinking, small-group communication, efficient written and oral-communication skills, and an overall understanding of human behavior. Employers in business, law enforcement, communications, marketing, advertising and the medical fields seek individuals with these skills; therefore, a bachelor's degree in psychology can offer many options for graduates.

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