What Is JiJi/ST Math?

What Is JiJi/ST Math?

ST (Spatial-Temporal) Math is a proprietary math game-based education software package developed by the MIND Research Institute, in which JiJi the penguin serves as an animated guide for learners. The software is intended for K-12 students and aims to aid in math education by way of visual learning.

ST Math is based on research into the mechanisms of learning and uses interactive animations to help improve both the understanding of concepts and the problem solving skills of students.

The software is founded on the concept of spatial-temporal (ST) reasoning, developed by the research of neuroscientists at the University of California, Irvine. Since the brain's capacity for spatial-temporal reasoning lies at the heart of creative problem solving, ST Math presents mathematical concepts in ways that downplay or eliminate the need for linguistic explanation.

The software is often employed in the classroom or computer lab but can also be used at home for continuous learning. In the classroom, ST Math is typically projected onto a screen, while specific assignments can be set within the program for students to complete as homework.

JiJi the penguin is essentially the software's mascot, but also serves to monitor students' progress. For example, sessions that are shorter than ten minutes will not be recognized as valid by JiJi. Students should complete at least thirty minutes per week.