What Does Jiji Math Program for Kids Offer?


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Spatial-Temporal Math— also identified as JiJi Math for its title character, a penguin named JiJi— provides students with self-paced and game-based instruction in concepts ranging from basic counting skills to algebra. ST Math offers programming for students from kindergarten through high school and is aligned with Common Core curriculum standards.

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The elementary-level package includes roughly 140 games per grade level. More than 90 percent of the elementary material ties in with Common Core standards. While elementary programming is designed to be used by whole classes, middle- and high-school software is focused on intervention for struggling students. Students at all levels of ST Math play games in which they guide the feature character, JiJi, through a series of obstacles requiring mathematical capability to overcome.

All initial instruction in ST Math uses animated demos rather than words or even numbers. For example, students see the subtraction concept represented using shapes or items disappearing from a screen. Feedback to students is also delivered using visual cues rather than text. Because letter and number literacy are not prerequisites for skill-building, students at all levels of language comprehension can benefit from ST Math. Students tackle new concepts only as they demonstrate mastery of the material. Embedded assessments and reports on student progress help to track progress of the user’s depth of comprehension and conceptual knowledge.

ST Math, developed by the Mind Research Institute, is based on research conducted at the University of California at Irvine and is currently used in school districts throughout the country.

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