What Are Some IXL Second-Grade Math Practices?


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Correlated with Common Core standards, IXL second-grade math practices include counting and number patterns, data and graphs, comparing and ordering, and addition and subtraction. IXL also provides practice in probability, statistics, place value, fractions, estimation and rounding consistent with second-grade math standards. Multiplication tables, divisors and quotients, logical reasoning and money-related exercises are also among IXL's second-grade math practice options.

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Specific IXL practice options for second-grade math include adding sums up to 20 with pictures, adding four or more one-digit numbers, and addition and subtraction word problems up to 20. Several IXL practice exercises ask the student to write an addition or subtraction sentence in response to a question. For example, if the exercise describes a dog walker who takes three beagles, two poodles and one chihuahua out for walks each day, the student's challenge is to write an addition sentence that tells how many dogs the dog walker walks each day.

IXL practice options also challenge second-grade students to use logical reasoning with guess-the-number questions, such as "What is an even number that is greater than 12 but less than 15?" Exercises related to money, measurement and data include practice in counting up to $5.00 and making change.

IXL offers families and schools online math and language arts practice, performance reports and tracking for students from kindergarten through high school.

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