How Do You Get Into an Ivy League School?


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Strategies that help students gain admission to an Ivy League school include specializing in an extracurricular interest, taking more difficult courses each year in high school, writing strong admissions essays and showing genuine interest in a specific school. These strategies can help distinguish students from a huge pool of applicants.

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There's a common misconception that colleges prefer students involved in a wide range of extracurricular activities, but this is not true for Ivy League schools. These colleges tend to prefer applicants who have committed to an activity all throughout high school with serious dedication and passion. Whether it's sports, music or community service, it's a good strategy to stick with one activity for all four years. Similarly, Ivy League schools want to see students who plan out their academic paths and take progressively more difficult classes each year. Take the most challenging courses available in high school, or take additional classes at a community college.

Students also need to take their application essays seriously. Most Ivy League schools require applicants to submit detailed answers to essay questions and to answer additional questions on the application. Research the school of interest, and provide personalized answers. Similarly, Ivy League schools are more likely to admit students who demonstrate real interest in the school. Students who visit the campus, talk to admissions counselors and apply early stand a better chance of acceptance than those who don't.

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