What Items Are Usually Included on an Elementary School Supply List?


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Pencils, sometimes specified as No. 2 pencils due to the moderate shade and hardness of the pencil's graphite, are on most school supply lists, and as an addendum most recommend pencil sharpeners as well. Colored pencils, paper and spiral notebooks are also often requirements, as well as folders and occasionally three-ring binders. Required supplies also include pens and crayons in most cases, and book socks or other forms of book coverings.

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Lists recommending necessary materials for general back-to-school shopping often include pencil boxes and pencil pouches for storing writing utensils, though many schools do not include this as a specific requirement. Many elementary schools require glue, scissors and construction paper for arts and crafts projects, though some schools opt to provide and distribute arts and crafts materials at the discretion of the teacher rather than leaving the students in possession of glue and markers at all points during the day.

School-Supply-List.com allows the user to search for local schools by ZIP code and receive a list approximating the required supply list for the grade selected, compiled from school websites and educational blogs. The site encourages users to check the website personally or contact the student's teacher via email for a more comprehensive or up-to-date list of required school supplies.

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