What Items Should Teachers Include on Teacher Supply Lists?


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Items that teachers should include on teacher supply lists include paper, pencils, sticky notes, ink pens, staplers, record books and file folders. Elementary teachers should also include crayons, glue, rounded scissors, watercolor paints and counting blocks. Highlighters, college-ruled paper and graphing calculators are also beneficial supplies to include for teachers of middle or high school students.

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Supplies for a classroom "go kit" are also important to include. Go kits are useful during emergency situations and evacuations. Teachers should place the kit in a place that is easily accessible to adults but not students. Items to include are flashlights, bandages, a whistle, space blankets, latex gloves and antibiotic ointments. Other useful items to include are hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray and tissues. These help limit the spread of germs and are particularly useful during cold and flu season.

Teachers should also include items for organizational purposes. Stackable trays are useful for organizing student work and assignments, and labels or Post-It notes can be used to label materials and supplies. Pins and sticky tack are useful for hanging important notices and information.

Classroom decorating supplies are also important to include on a supply list. Bulletin board paper, borders, tape, staples, markers, posters and cut-out letters help when making displays in a class room.

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