What Items Should You Include in a Personal Biography?

What Items Should You Include in a Personal Biography?

Some items to include in a personal biography are your name, what you most want your target audience to know about you, the story of how you got to where you are now, personal information and your contact information. A personal biography is not a memoir; it's about branding yourself for business or professional purposes, so everything in it should contribute to that end.

Your name is the first thing you should mention in your personal biography. Give your first and last name, unless you only use one name professionally or normally include a middle name or initial.

Telling people what you do comes next, but what you say depends on your personal biography's purpose. If you're a manager at an insurance company who writes novels, talk about your management role in a biography for your career field and mention the novel writing as a special interest note or in the personal information section. If you're networking with other writers and publishers or trying to promote your novel, bill yourself as a novelist and leave the insurance career information for later.

When talking about how you got to where you are now, include your major accomplishments and a story or two about a life-changing experience or overcoming an obstacle. Milestones such as college degrees also fit here. Quantify your achievements wherever possible.

Give personal information so your audience can relate to you. Mention it if you're married and how many children you have. Give a few examples of off-hours interests such as that you're renovating a historic house or you're an avid skier.