What Are Some Items to Include on a Progress Report?


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Teachers should include specific data and feedback on student progress reports such as the letter grade, actual course percentage, rank in class and comments that address specific behaviors or suggestions for improvement. Teachers should identify any developmental delays on student progress reports.

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Teachers can use pre-formatted progress reports customized with the school's contact information, the teacher's name, the child's class level and the subjects taught. Progress reports should include a space for the parents' signatures and a check box or time line to schedule a one-on-one conference.

Teachers writing a progress report should use specific language with examples to support issues with the child's behavior or academic performance. For example, the statement "John is disruptive in class" is not as helpful as "John does not remain in his seat during the class lessons and has difficulty keeping his hands to himself during circle activities," as the second statement provides tangible examples that allow parents to determine how to address the issue with the child and the instructor.

Teachers should include both positive and negative feedback on progress reports. Teachers can highlight how the student is social, willing to help others, diligent about following directions or consistent with turning in homework.

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