Are Italian Boy Names Popular?

The two most popular names for boys in Italy, as of 2013, Francesco and Alesandro, are not very popular in the United States. Francesco is not in the top 1,000 most popular boys' names as of 2014, while Alesandro is ranked 623 out of 1,000.

Based on 2014 preferences, Dominico is the most popular Italian boy's name in the United States when the name is spelled Dominic. The name achieved a ranking of number 69. Lorenzo, the fourth most popular name for a boy in Italy in 2013, achieves a fairly high ranking of 227 in the United States. This name has remained at this level of popularity since the 1990's. Matteo is another Italian boy's name that is very popular in Italy, ranking number 6, and fairly popular in the United States with a rank of 375.

Compiled by the Social Security Administration, Noah is the most popular name for a boy in the United States, with Liam and Mason in the number two and three spot, respectively. Noah is of Hebrew origin meaning Wanderer. Jacob had been the most popular name for 13 consecutive year until Noah captured the top spot. Liam is the most popular Irish name in the United States, achieving the number two rank for the second year in a row.

The popularity of names change drastically from decade to decade. For example, Kyle, which was extremely popular in the 1990's, ranks number 178 as of 2014. Gary, a popular name from the 70's, ranks 560 in 2014.