What Are Some Islamic Names for Girls in the Urdu Language?


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Some common Islamic girls' names in Urdu include Khirad, meaning "intellect" in English; Rashidah, meaning "wise;" Hareem, meaning "the walls of the House of Kaaba;" and Eshal, meaning "the flower in Heaven." A girl's name may also include the word "bint," meaning "daughter of," followed by her father's name.

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What Are Some Islamic Names for Girls in the Urdu Language?
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For Muslims, names often represent honorable qualities related to devotion, such as Abrar, which means "devoted to God;" Abidah, which means "worshipper;" Mukhlisah, which means "faithful;" or Rawhiyah, which means "spiritual." A baby may also be named for a respectful quality of character such as Razan, representing sensibility and respect; Mahibah, which means "noble;" Malakah, which means "talent;" or Adilah, which means "honest" or "fair."

Muslims often name their baby girls after women mentioned in the Quran, such as Miriam, the mother of the Prophet Jesus, or Hawwa, the wife of Adam. Other names from the Quran include Sarah, the wife of Abraham, and Hajirah, a younger wife of Abraham. More honorable names include those of the family of the Prophet Muhammad, such as Khajida, Sawdah, Fatimah or Zainab.

Many Islamic names are Arabic in origin, but Muslims can have names that come from any language; in Islam, the meaning of the name is often what matters most. It is recommended to name a child for virtue or faith, and forbidden to name a child for something dishonorable in the eyes of Islam, such as with the name Harb, which means "war."

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