What Are Some Islamic Names for Girls?

What Are Some Islamic Names for Girls?

Yaminah, Fayruza, Turas and Arfa are some Islamic names for girls. Rahma, Dunya, Saamawat, Udaina and Najat are some others. Each name has many alternative spellings in English, such as Najat, which appears as Neejat, Negaat and Nejat. The Quran directly mentions Nejat, which means salvation or success.

Islamic names are either directly mentioned or derive from a Quranic root. Names derived from a Quranic root of three letters or sounds are considered to be indirect names.

Yaminah, which means blessed or bringer of blessings, comes from the Quranic root Y-M-N. The same root produces various spellings or variations of the same name, all with the same meaning or similar meaning. Fyruza is Arabic for turquoise. Turas is a unisex Islamic name that means inheritance. It appears in Quran verse 89:19.

Arfa, another unisex name, derives from the Quaranic root R-F-AIN. Depending on the spelling, the name means status, importance, superb or sublime. The same root gives rise to the names Rafi, Ruwayfi and Rafayet.

Udaina, which means little Eden, shares an aspect of its root with Arfa and derives from the root AIN-D-N. Rahma, Dunya and Saamawat are Islamic girl's names that the Quran mentions directly, They translate into English as mercy, the closest one and heavenly, respectively.