What Are Some Irish Names and Their Meanings?


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Some male Irish names are Caedmon, meaning "wise warrior," and Maddox, meaning "benevolent" and "compassionate." Some female Irish names are Niamh, the name of an Irish sea god's daughter that means "beauty," and Sairose, meaning "freedom" and "independence."

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What Are Some Irish Names and Their Meanings?
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Another male Irish name is Aidan or Aiden, meaning "small fire." Another popular Irish name is Angus, meaning "unique" and "special." Angus is the god of humor and wisdom in Celtic myth, and he was the name of an eighth century king. Desmond is another Irish name that means "one who has traveled the world" or "a knowledgeable man." The name Gawain comes from the Arthurian legend of a strong warrior who fought for the poor and battled the Green Knight.

One female Irish name is Aithne or Uaithne, which is the female version of the name Aidan, meaning "fire." Another name is Erin, meaning "child of Ireland," with spelling variations including Aryn, Eirinn and Eireanne. The name Cerridwen is the same name as the keeper of the cauldron of knowledge and inspiration in Celtic myth. Another name is Fionnula, meaning "white of shoulder." In Irish mythology, Fionnula is one of the daughters of Llyr, and she was turned into a swan for 900 years.

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