What Are Some Irani Baby Girl Names?


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Some popular Iranian baby names for girls are Maryam, which means "a flower" in Farsi, or Fatemeh, which was the name of Mohammad's daughter. Zahra, which means "boldness" is also popular, while Matlalatzin and Arezoo, which means "longed for," are used less commonly.

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What Are Some Irani Baby Girl Names?
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Some other Iranian baby girl names for new parents to consider are Naima, which means "calm"; Qadira, which means "full of power"; and Talia, which means "God's dew." Adelajda, which translates to "graceful and noble," and Dakini, which means "walking in the sky" are also good choices for a Persian girl. Dervila, which derives from the Farsi phrase meaning "poet's child," is an unusual name in modern Iran and might be suitable for parents who want their little girl to stand out from the crowd.

For parents who wish to use an Iranian unisex name for a baby girl, some good choices are Dilshad, which means "joyful"; Abijah, which translates to "God is my father"; and Ren, for "water lily." Some other names that are good choices for either a boy or a girl are Nakia, Qamar and Qi.

Iran is the modern name of the ancient kingdom of Persia, or Pars. Many Iranian names derive from the ancient Persian language Parsi, which became Farsi when the Arabs took over the country in ancient times.

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