Are Free IQ Tests and Results Available Online?


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Free unaccredited IQ tests are available at IQ-test.dk and free-iqtest.net, both of which do not require registration. Other free online IQ tests may require registration with the site.

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An IQ score is a common measurement of human intelligence derived from IQ test results. While IQ remains fairly stable throughout an individual's lifetime, it can fluctuate within a small range in part because IQ test scores compare the participant's test score with the test scores of society at large. The resulting IQ number is the result of this comparison, with 100 being average. Some researchers consider IQ tests to be better at determining the processes through which an individual solves problems, rather than measuring her ability to do so.

Many critics regard IQ as a poor indicator of intelligence, as they consider intelligence difficult to measure and impossible to simplify to a single number. Some schools and experts, however, defend the use of IQ for the placement of gifted students and as a reliable predictor of academic achievement. Various researchers and institutions use a number of metrics in attempts to estimate the multifaceted trait referred to as intelligence. Most tests divide scoring sections to measure different proficiencies and capacities within the mind.

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