How Do You Get Involved in School Board Elections?


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To get involved in school board elections, develop a campaign platform about the concerns and issues for which you advocate. Put together a campaign team to promote your candidacy. Follow any rules about elections set forth by your school board, including budgeting, fund raising and paperwork. Find important community representation to endorse you as a legitimate candidate.

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Look to your community's needs, and develop a platform in which you believe that addresses particular goals you have for the school board. Gain an understanding of the board and the districts by reading press releases, finding budgetary and voting documentation, and checking on test results from each school. Once you have a platform, communicate any experience you have or what makes you an effective voice on the school board.

Use your campaign team, and go out into the community to promote yourself. Set up meetings with your team to track goals and analyze any steps that you need to take as the elections progress. Create a budget, and find appropriate funding using family, friends, businesses or organizations. Report all funding, and file all necessary paperwork throughout the elections process.

Be present at school board meetings, and speak out on issues and concerns surrounding the election. Be prepared to do press events, take photo opportunities and release statements about your platform. Stay on topic, and be clear about your goals if elected.

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