What Are Some Invention Convention Ideas?

Invention convention ideas include a mechanism for making a bed, a protective helmet for water sports and an utensil sorter. The utensil sorter makes doing dishes simpler and more enjoyable.

The Invention Convention, which is a science event, gives students an opportunity to show their scientific creations. Their creations are formally judged, and awards are given to winners. The purpose of the convention is to nurture creative thinking and improve skills like problem solving, research and communication.

Five basic steps are proposed for the Invention Convention. The first starts with finding out about great inventors. This is followed by getting an idea for improving a process or making a new product. The third step involves research and planning. Developing, marketing and testing is the fourth step. During this step, students market their idea, develop and test it. They also fill up the application form for the convention. The final step is the Invention Convention. Students take their projects for display to the chosen site.