How Do You Introduce a Guest Speaker?

To introduce a guest speaker, provide the audience with a brief explanation of the topic to be addressed, as well as the speaker's credentials on the subject. Keep the introduction short and to the point.

The purpose of introducing a guest speaker is to let the audience know who the speaker is, as well as their credibility on the subject.

  1. Keep it short
  2. Strive to keep the introduction within 30 to 90 seconds.

  3. Explain the topic
  4. State the topic that the guest speaker will present.

  5. Explain the importance
  6. Offer information to the audience members about the topic and explain why they should care.

  7. Provide qualifications
  8. Provide a brief explanation as to why this speaker is a credible source on the topic.

  9. Verify pronunciation
  10. Before presenting the speech, verify the pronunciation of the speaker's name.

  11. Build a climax
  12. Toward the end of the speech, build a climax with tone and enthusiasm to compel the audience to clap.