How Do You Interpret CogAT Scores?


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Interpreting a child’s CogAT scores involves looking at each stanine score and determining a child’s total score in relation to his peers. Stanine is a standard score that ranges between one and nine. In most cases, you will see three stanine scores. For instance, you may see a stanine score of nine in a CogAT score.

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In the above example, it corresponds to a score between 96th and 99th percentiles, which simply means that a person’s child scored above 96 and 99 percent of his peers in class. A stanine score above five is mostly considered an above average score.

According to CogAT, a cognitive test is done to measure the ability of a child according to three different areas, namely non-verbal, verbal and quantitative skills. This is because, in most cases, a person uses any of his reasoning skills to solve a problem that requires those same skills. For example, if a child is faced with a problem that requires quantitative skills, he will do better at solving the problem if he has highly functioning quantitative skills as opposed to someone who has higher verbal reasoning skills. A CogAT score is mostly used in determining if someone has a weakness in one skill set, such as quantitative reasoning skills.

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