What Are Some Interesting Facts About the Value of Education?


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The value of education to students in the United States is substantial, with educated students receiving higher earnings throughout their lifetimes. Education also increases the chance of having children and being married. Educated individuals help society and the economy more than their less educated counterparts, according to Brookings.

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Throughout the past several decades, the college graduation rates throughout the United States have plateaued, causing the United States to no longer be a leader in high school and college completion rates, while many other countries continue to increase. This decrease could cause the United States and its economy to decline due to Americans no longer receiving high-paying, important international jobs.

With the growing gap of education in the United States, the opportunities throughout society are no longer being equally shared amongst citizens. With more Americans failing to receive full education, the class disparity among Americans is growing at a rate not previously seen. An education has been the backbone of the American dream, allowing all citizens to be equal because of this, and allowing them to create brighter futures for their children. The decline of this is evident in the declining standards of living experienced by many Americans, states Ed Week.

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