What Are Some Interesting Topics for Group Discussions?

Some interesting group discussion topics are whether online social networks are good or bad, what role young people should have in politics, the impact of Valentine's Day on society and culture, whether every cloud has a silver lining and the effect that computers have on society. Some more controversial discussion topics can be about the ethics of human cloning, whether women should be housewives or go to work, and whether animals should be used to test drugs.

Group discussions that address specific topics benefit individuals by confronting people with opposing opinions and arguments, teaching people how to handle social disagreements, correcting mistakes that have been acquired in previous learning attempts, and teaching people how to improve areas of academic or communicative weakness. Group discussions prove useful for students who are preparing for an exam, as different minds discussing a topic generate unique, conceptual questions that can generate a more flexible conceptual understanding of a subject instead of a strict, memorized answer to a singular question.

Group discussions also expose people to others who have different study methods and unique perspectives. This allows for the sharing of alternative approaches to topics and different habits that one can practice when addressing a subject.