What Are Some Interesting Topics for Good Reports?

Interesting topics for reports include health care and medicine, education and civil rights. An interesting report topic holds the reader's interest and makes it easy to find information from a variety of sources. When considering a report topic, it is helpful to choose something that is currently debated or on people's minds.

One always interesting area to discuss is medicine. Topics include abortion, euthanasia, abstinence-only sex education, alternative medicine and antidepressants. Questions you could consider on these topics are, "Does a person dying from a painful disease have the right to die through doctor-assisted suicide?" "Should children and teenagers be taught about birth-control methods at school?" and, "Are alternative medicines such as energy healing and acupuncture equal to Western medicine?"

Another direction to go is education. For this field, you could discuss home schooling, the No Child Left Behind Act, required standardized testing or violence in schools. Some questions in these areas might include, "How effective is home schooling in relation to public schooling?" "Is the No Child Left Behind Act actually effective?" and, "Who is responsible for violence in schools: the child, the parents or the administration?"

A third field of study to think about is discrimination. This could be sexism, homophobia, ageism or religious discrimination. Some example questions are, "How rampant is racial profiling in the United States?" "Why do women still earn $0.75 for every $1 a man earns?" and, "Does reverse racism really exist?"