What Are Some Interesting Science Projects for Third Graders?

What Are Some Interesting Science Projects for Third Graders?

The Forest Food Pyramid Project and The Rings of Saturn are examples of interesting science projects for third graders. Other examples include Make a Simple Microscope, Wind Speed Challenge and Total Eclipse of the Moon.

The Forest Food Pyramid Project describes the relationship between animals and plants in the life cycle of a forest. For the project, students research plants and animals in their local forests and create food pyramids that represent the research.

For the Rings of Saturn project, third graders create a scale model of Saturn and its rings using household materials. The project challenges a student's math and problem solving skills, and it provides interesting facts about the solar system.

For the Make a Simple Microscope project, students create a microscope using fuse wire and water. This project is simple to make, and it teaches students the science of magnification by demonstrating how water droplets form the shape of convex lenses that refract and converge light.

In the Wind Speed Challenge project, students learn how to create an anemometer for measuring wind speed. The project teaches students about the science of wind and weather reporting. The construction of the anemometer requires the use of problem solving skills and simple items that include paper cups, scissors and tape or glue.