What Are Some Interesting Names From the Bible and Their Meanings?

What Are Some Interesting Names From the Bible and Their Meanings?

Some biblical names have their meaning given or implied in the text where they first appear, such as when Eve says, "I have acquired a man from The Lord" upon the birth of Cain. In Hebrew, "Cain" means "acquired."

Naturally, most biblical names are Hebrew in origin. Adam's name literally means "man" in Hebrew, but it is similar to another Hebrew word that means "earth." Adam's name not only identifies him as a certain kind of being, but it also suggests his origin.

Daniel is the name of that prophet who miraculously survived the lion's den unscathed. His name means "God is my judge." Jezebel was the wicked wife of Ahab, King of Israel. Her name means, "Where is the prince?" This question was connected with the worship of Baal.

The name "Solomon" has the same meaning as the greeting "shalom." Both mean "peace."

Joseph was the favorite son of the Jewish patriarch, Jacob. His jealous brothers sold him into slavery, telling their father that wolves had killed him. Joseph trusted God and rose to great power in Egypt, eventually saving his family and all of Egypt from famine. His name means "he will add."

Judah, one of Joseph's 11 brothers, is an ancestor of David, King of Judah, and ultimately of Jesus Christ, who had an earthly father, Joseph. "Judah" means "praised" and "David" means "beloved." The name "Jesus" is a variant of "Joshua," which means "YAHWEH is salvation."