What Is Some Interesting Middle School Trivia?


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Interesting middle school trivia questions identify concepts drawing from the lessons learned in math, history, social studies, science, vocabulary and current events. Questions, such as "What is a baker's dozen?" and "What was the name of King Arthur's sword?" focus on both history and scientific measurements that prompt students to think critically or even work together in teams during a classroom game or trivia contest.

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Additional trivia tidbits for middle school children may include questions about economics, such as "What does the acronym GNP stand for?" or dig into cultural customs with the question "What is the name of the Mexican blanket often worn over the head and draped around the shoulders?" Geography and political science lessons can wrap up with trivia questions such as "What state capital city has the longest name?" and "Which president had a dog named Sweet Lips?" Students can also test their creativity with trivia question, such as "What is the term for a word that is spelled the same forward and backward?" Ask each group or individual to provide examples to further illustrate the question, such as pop or Hannah. When presenting a language lesson, a trivia questions asking each student to identify objects in the classroom by using another language, such as French or Spanish, are also interesting and engaging for middle school students.

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