What Are Some Interesting Math Problems for Kids?

What Are Some Interesting Math Problems for Kids?

Interesting math problems for kids usually involve real-world applications. Many children enjoy word problems, since these problems allow them to discover how math can be used in everyday life.

The following problems are appropriate for grade school children with a basic knowledge of arithmetic:

  • This problem involves comparing, adding and subtracting fractions:

    "George and Helen ordered a pizza. George ate 1/2 of the pizza, and Helen ate 3/8 of the pizza. Who ate more pizza, and how much was left over?"

  • This problem involves multiplication, addition, and subtraction and decimals and percentages:

    "Gretchen wants to buy a new dress. The dress costs $18.99, and there is a 5 percent sales tax. Will $20 be enough money? If not, how much more money will Gretchen need?"

  • This problem involves basic division with remainders:

    "Kate baked cookies for the students in her class. There are 15 students in her class, and she baked 52 cookies. How many cookies will each student get? How many cookies will be left over?"

  • This problem involves calculating surface area:

    "Alex is baking a cake, and wants to put chocolate frosting on top. The cake is 13 inches long and 9 inches wide. How many square inches will Alex cover with frosting?"