What Are Some Interesting History Topics?

Interesting history topics include great or infamous figures in history and the wars that shaped the world's centers of power, distribution of wealth and reduced populations. Another approach to history is the study of culture, including language and religion, and technology as in the Iron Age that helped humans advance.

Students of history may be interested in wars that settled who would control North America including the French and Indian War, the American Revolution, the War of 1812, 19th century wars in Texas and the U.S. Civil War. There are interesting characters and events in all these conflicts and in any war in world history.

Human history is filled with interesting leaders, adventurers, explorers and characters. For example, the history of villains such as Adolf Hitler could be explored in the historical context of the Holocaust and World War II that killed millions or Confederate Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest, a slave trader who helped found the Ku Klux Klan after the Civil War. The history of the U.S. civil rights movement could be told through stories of the life and times of civil rights heroes such as Martin Luther King, Jr.

How mankind progressed from living in small communities and producing its own food and goods to living in large cities and buying manufactured food and goods almost exclusively could be told by the history of the Stone, Bronze and Iron ages, through the Industrial Revolution up to the Space Age.

Another interesting way to present history topics is to explore the nine big eras of human history. These eras include the genesis of the race millions or hundreds of thousands of years ago, the development of language 200,000 to 40,000 years ago, the story of agriculture beginning about 10,000 years ago and the eras of documented history. San Diego State University has its complete World History for Us All curriculum with the nine big eras online in PDF format.