What Are Some Interesting Dissertation Topics in Educational Administration?


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Interesting dissertation topics in educational administration may include evaluating how students describe their experiences in small or private schools, studying the success rate of transfer students in higher education, analyzing case studies of women pursuing a degree in business administration and evaluating how school principals handle crisis in the classroom. Additional topics may involve pursuing management of teacher evaluations, classification of tenured faculty and retention of students in college programs.

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When choosing a thesis topic in the field of educational administration, the key is to evaluate the inner workings of a school's progress, management team or learning environment. Topics such as evaluating how children learning English as a second language perform academically or the reading comprehension level of elementary students help school board members and educators evaluate effective initiatives and programs to enhance learning. Topics detailing perceptions of racism, cultural acceptance and diversity in elementary, secondary and college environments may prompt school administrators to re-evaluate anti-bullying programs and diversity initiatives. Discipline-based topics, such as student and teacher performance evaluations of math, science and English may uncover problems within a school's curriculum, whereas dissertation topics that evaluate parental involvement in the classroom or home-schooling practices may provide suggestions for additional support for educators.

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