What Are Some Interesting Club Names?


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Chapter Chat, Beyond the Book, The Litwits, Reading Between the Wines, and Out on a Tangent are examples of book club names from ReadingGroupChoices.com. For sports clubs, interesting names include The Mad Ants, The Crush, Red Storm, Scarlet Knights, and Screaming Eagles, all from SportsFeelGoodStories.com.

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Some ideas for church clubs are Zeal, Walk the Talk, Wake Up, Vision, and The Source. For church clubs or youth groups, names inspired by Bible verses include Soul Fire (Jeremiah 20:9), Revival (Acts 2: 37) and Awake (Ephesians 5:14). These names are from MinistryGear.com.

Nouns that suit a range of recreational clubs include aces, amigos, brigade, captains, groove, jams or jazz. Add "the" or not. Combine a noun with a color or another adjective, such as flaming, smooth, royal or lightning. Flaming Aces works for bridge clubs, Green Brigade for a gardening or nature club, and Captains of Groove works for a music club, as does Lightning Jazz. For birding clubs, Flock Together and Birds of a Feather are two ideas.

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